American Girl Doll Birthday Party Ideas

American Girl Doll Birthday Party Ideas

Ready to play?  We are excited to share with you some fun ideas that can be used for an American Girl Doll (or any kind of doll!) themed birthday party.  These ideas could even be used for a really fun play time any time of year!

American doll t-shirt decorate

Decorate a t-shirt for your doll

We used fabric markers to decorate doll t-shirts.  They all turned out differently and were so cute!  Tip: make sure to protect your drawing surface, and even put waxed paper between the front and back of the shirt, as these markers can bleed through the fabric.  We used these t-shirts by Emily Rose – they are easy to get on and off the doll, as they have a Velcro closure in the back.  We used these Tulip fabric markers.

American girl doll money

Doll purses with money

We gave each girl a little purse for her doll.  Our daughter made them out of felt with a simple stitch around the edge.  If sewing is not something you want to do, you could simply make a wallet out of paper and tape.  You can find a free printable with doll sized money here.

American Girl doll party ideas

Doll party hats

Our free printable makes it easy to make doll birthday party hats.  Click here for the printable – party hats in 4 colors.

American Girl Doll shopping bag

Doll shopping bag

The girls at our party were given a shopping bag for their “shopping outing.”  We used extra small white gift bags and glued on stars, to give it an American Girl Doll look.  The bags we used were not available at the time of typing this post; however, these bags seem similar.  Bags that are about 4.5 by 4.5 by 2.5 inches work well.  You can find our free star printable here.  The bags can then double as a party favor bag, as the girls collect items on their play shopping outing.

American girl doll cafe
American girl doll cafe

Doll Cafe

Our 10-year-old made signs from foam board for each of the little shops.  The girls could “buy” treats from the cafe and pretend to have a cafe outing.  We thought we would have an adult be the “shop keeper” at each shop, but it turned out the girls did not need any help having a really fun time all by themselves.  Though not pictured here, we think this pastry set by Sophia’s looks great!

American Girl doll shoes

Doll shoe store

The girls also took their dolls shoe shopping… yes, it did take a while to pick just the right pair!  We found a set with a nice variety of shoes here.

American Girl doll jewelry

Doll jewelry making

The girls got to make simple necklaces and bracelets for their dolls, using stretch cord and beads.

gluten free cupcake birthday party


After all of the fun doll play, the girls enjoyed birthday party treats, including gluten-free cupcakes.  Click here to go to our delicious and nourishing gluten-free cupcake recipe!

Enjoy the party!

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