Special Time Planner Craft

Special Time Planner Craft

In our family, we love to do special one-on-one times where one child gets to spend time just with Mommy or just with Daddy.

When we first heard about special time, we were advised that we should put it on the calendar.  This way not only the time itself would be a happy one, but also joy could be added to our children’s days in being able to look forward to the special times.

le petit prince
In the classic book, The Little Prince, as the fox and the little prince are becoming friends, the fox explains to the little prince that it makes him happy to know when the little prince will be able to come back to spend time with him: “…if you come at four in the afternoon, I’ll begin to be happy by three.  The closer it gets to four, the happier I’ll feel.”

Since looking forward to special time adds to the joy in our lives, we have some ideas for you to plan special times.

Our printable monthly or yearly planner (subscribe for the pdf link) also includes some images to help you to brainstorm special time ideas.  Of course you can draw your own pictures or just write words as well.

yearly special time planner

If the idea of “planning” stresses you out (like it does for me!), we also have a more free flowing special time “planner” with a printable and craft version.  For the free flowing flower petal and wooded path “planners,” you just brainstorm ideas that you would like to do, but don’t necessarily add a date, time or order to them.  The next time there is room in your schedule for special time, it will be easy to pick something to do from your planner.

To make your own special time planner craft, simply cut out something with a simple design (we made a flower for one and wooded path scene for another) and write the special things you are looking forward to on the cutout shapes.  You can write “Mommy and me” or “Daddy and me” and the child’s name somewhere on the planner too.  (These planners could also be used for children to plan special times with grandparents or aunts and uncles.)  Then glue on the cutout shapes and put your planner craft in a place where it can remind you and your child of your upcoming special times.  Making this craft can be a great special time in itself.

flower planner
tree planner
tree planner

Please subscribe to get a link for these free pdf printables:

special time yearly planner
flower planner printable
tree planner printable

We would love to share our free printables with you to help you plan your special times!  Please fill out the subscribe form to immediately receive a link for the free pdf downloads of all of our printable special time planners. 

Note: when you print the flower petal page or the wooded path page, please select the “landscape” orientation.