DIY Pom poms (plus Youtube tutorial)

DIY Pom poms (plus Youtube tutorial)

It’s so easy to make a pom pom!  Just grab a fork, a ball of yarn, and some scissors and come watch our Youtube tutorial.

large and small fork pom pom

We find that a regular dinner fork is good for making pom poms from thin yarn, while a serving fork works well for chunky yarn.

yarn and fork pom pom

They can also be fun to play with for little children – throwing them in the air or rolling them (or blowing them with a straw) on the ground.  Paper towel tubes (or tubes made out of rolled up paper) can be taped in different ways to the wall and pom poms can be dropped through them.  It can be harder than you think to get them to land in the bowls!

doll hat pom pom

Pom poms can be used to top off a knit hat (click here to learn how to make an adorable doll hat!).  We used the 24 peg loom in the Boye Loom Set to make this doll hat.

pom pom critter

Our girls like to make little pom pom critters too.

Check out our Youtube tutorial to learn how to make these easy pom poms, using just a fork and some yarn.

Looking for more ways to use your pom poms?  Check out The Creative Hour blog with so many fun pom poms ideas!

What are some ways you might use pom poms?  We would love to hear from you! 

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