Fruits of the Holy Spirit – Multilingual Activities

Fruits of the Holy Spirit – Multilingual Activities

To celebrate the beginning of summer vacation, we have some fun fruit activities for you!  A “Fruits of the Holy Spirit” activity for Pentecost, a French and English fruit matching memory game, and some fun fruit play kitchen toy ideas!

Fruits of the Holy Spirit – Les Fruits de l’Esprit Saint

Pentecost is one of my favorite holidays, in part because I love the fact that on the first Pentecost everyone could understand each other, though they spoke different languages.  We have a “Fruits of the Spirit” activity you can do on Pentecost or any time of year.  We have a version in French, a version in English, and a blank version where you could write in the words in a language of your choice – all are totally FREE to download!  In this way, you can teach about both the Fruits of the Spirit and the words for these ideas in another language.

Fruits of the Holy Spirit French English Francais

Fruits of the Holy Sprit Printables

Simply print out the versions of your choice on white cardstock.  We find it works well to color them before cutting them.  You can use colored pencils, crayons, or markers.  While you color together it can be a great time to talk about the meanings of the fruits.

English Version

French Version

Blank Version (write in the words of the 12 Fruits in a language of your choice)

fruits of the holy spirit basket

Fruits of the Holy Spirit Basket or Bowl

You could simply place your cut out fruits in a basket or bowl.  Our 7-year-old thought it would be fun to pick one from the basket each day starting on Pentecost, and think especially about that fruit for the day.

fruits of the holy spirit tree

Fruits of the Spirit Fruit Tree

If you would like, you could draw a large tree on long piece of easel paper.  Then children can tape or glue the fruits onto the tree.  As they are placed on the tree, you could talk about the meanings of each Fruit (of course you would want to explain that really different types of fruit don’t grow on the same tree… this is just for fun, perhaps a bit like ornaments on a Christmas tree!).

fruits of the holy spirit esprit saint

French and English Fruit Matching Memory Game

To learn the names of fruits in French and English, try our fun memory game!  The fruit images used in this game are the same fruits (plus a few more) that we used in the Fruits of the Spirit printables; however, this time the idea is to learn the actual names of the fruits (for example, “a strawberry” is “une fraise”).  The printable is in full color.  The game has the names of 18 fruits in French and English, for a total of 36 memory cards.  You can find it in our Etsy shop by clicking here.

french fruit memory game

Print and cut the game squares

Simply print out the game printable on white cardstock.  Print it double-sided.  This way the polka dot print will appear on the backs of the fruit images.  It should be printed in color.  Once it is printed, cut out the 36 fruit squares.

french fruit memory game

Game set up

Once the squares are cut, place the fruit images face down on a flat surface.

french fruit memory game

Play the game

Follow typical memory game rules.  Take turns turning over 2 cards.  If they match, the player keeps the cards; if they do not match, the player turns the cards face down again.  Play continues until all cards have been matched.

french fruit memory game

Learn French!

Our 10-year-old had so much fun learning  the names of fruits in French with this game!  A rule could be added that in order to take a matching pair, the names of the fruits must be said in French, or even said each time that the cards are turned over.  Ready to play?  Get the download at our Etsy shop!

Let’s Play with Fruit!

For the littlest ones in your family, simply playing with play kitchen fruit might be a fun way to think about the Fruits of the Spirit, and also to practice naming the fruits in other languages.  Here are a few play kitchen fruits we think are fun…  Simply click on the images to be connected with an Amazon link.

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