Lemonade by the glass {easy, no refined sugar, low-carb}

Lemonade by the glass {easy, no refined sugar, low-carb}

Cheers to summer!  Are you ready to enjoy a fresh glass of lemonade with no worries about too much sugar?  Follow this simple recipe for a refreshing glass of lemonade any time!

lemonade supplies

Gather your kitchen supplies

Cutting board




8 oz (or larger) glass and (optional) a liquid measuring cup


Gather ingredients

1 fresh lemon (or about 3 T lemon juice)

1 individual packet of SweetLeaf (or a spoonful or honey if you prefer)

Cold water

Ice (optional)


Let’s make lemonade!


Step 1

Wash your lemon, then carefully slice it in half.


Step 2

Juice the lemon.


Step 3

Open SweetLeaf packet and pour it into the bottom of your glass.


Step 4

Pour the lemon juice into your glass.

Step 5

Add cold water to your glass (either measure about 1 cup, or fill your glass directly from your faucet).

Step 6

Stir well.  Add ice (optional).  Enjoy!

lemonade low carb

After you make one glass of lemonade, you can decide to use more or less lemon juice and more or less sweetener the next time you make it.  Simply adjust the quantities to your liking.

Some books to enjoy while you sip your lemonade…

lime tree

Lemon or lime?  Just for fun, a little story about our “lemon” tree.  This is a photo of the tree we bought last year that was labeled as a Meyer lemon tree.  We were so excited to have a lemon tree when we learned that in our climate (growing zone 7), it can thrive in a pot outside and just be brought inside for the coldest months of the year.  So far we have only had green “lemons” so we are wondering if perhaps we actually bought a mislabeled lime tree.  It is full of blossoms again this spring, so we’ll keep you posted if we can make lemonade sometime this year with some homegrown lemons.  That would be exciting!

Do you have a lemon or lime tree?  We would love to hear your advice on growing citrus trees in the comments below!  

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