French Advent Calendar

French Advent Calendar

Join us to learn French Christmas words this Advent season!  We have a variety of activities prepared for you to learn Christmas words in French as we wait for Christmas – an Advent calendar, printable mini-books, fun vocabulary practice pages, and audio to hear the words!

We know Advent is a busy time, so everything is simple to use.  Just print and learn a French word each day.  Have fun!

Our printable Advent calendar is available on Etsy.  This calendar features a Christmas tree with spaces for 24 stickers that become the tree’s ornaments.  Each space on the tree has a word in French.  The printable sticker “ornaments” have adorable images of many Christmas related words.

You can find the Avery sticker sheets here.  The printable stickers are sized for 94500 Avery 1″ stickers.  If you prefer not to get the stickers, the ornament images can be printed on plain paper, cut out, and glued on the tree. To easily cut perfect circles from paper, you could use this ek 1″ circle punch.

If your family is brand new to French, keep scrolling down.  We have recordings of each of the Advent calendar words so that you can easily listen and repeat to learn the words.


French vocab Advent calendar

We also have several FREE printables to go along with our French Advent calendar!

4 FREE Mini books with all 24 Christmas words found on our Advent calendar.  Each book can be printed on one piece of paper and then easily folded into a mini book.  Watch our quick video to see how easy this is.  (The book with images comes with the Etsy Advent bundle.  The free book has only words, and is meant to be illustrated with your own creativity.) To learn the pronunciation of the words, check out the clickable audio files at the bottom of this post.

4 different FREE vocabulary practice activities to practice all of the Christmas words:  a tracing page, a word search, a matching page, and an illustration page.

French Advent Calendar

Click on the play button below the images to hear how to say the words in French.

Ready to get the Advent Calendar and start learning French for Christmas?  Click here.

Joyeux Noël!  Merry Christmas!

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