Audubon inspired French nature activities

Audubon inspired French nature activities

Audubon is a familiar name, especially for those who love birds.  But did you know that Jean-Jacques Audubon was sent to America as a young man to avoid having to fight in Napoleon’s war? Here in America he spent as much time as possible outside, observing and recording nature.

We love the book about the young Audubon, The Boy Who Drew Birds, by Jacqueline Davies, with illustrations by Melissa Sweet.  This book is in English, but provides a great jumping off point for a nature hunt in French.

In this post, we have a Free French/English nature scavenger hunt printable to get outside and learn French.  If the day is more of inside day for you, we also have some indoor ideas, like our nature matching game available on Etsy.

New to French?  No worries, we have clickable links to hear the nature hunt and matching game words!


Click on the image to hear the French word.

Ready to head outside? Print your FREE French scavenger hunt!

Click on the image to get your Free printable French scavenger hunt.  Children can check off the items they find and draw a small picture of each item.  Words are listed in French and English.

french scavenger hunt

Want to play?  Learn French with our Nature Matching Game!

Click here to get your own French – English Nature Matching game.  It’s an instant digital download, so you can play it today!  Just print, cut out, and play.  Have fun!

Get the French – English Matching Game on Etsy.


French English Nature Matching game

Love to draw? Create your own nature scene with French labels.

Children can draw a picture of a real nature scene or one that they imagine.  Then have older children use a dictionary to find the French vocabulary to label the scene in French. (An online dictionary could also be used.) Younger children can be told the words while an adult writes the words.

french nature sketch

We love learning French through picture books.  If you do too, check out our Paris Picture Book post.

Paris Picture Books

We also loving learning through singing!  If you do too, check out 123 Petits Pas… they have adorable songs in French… some about nature.

Bonne journée!

Have a beautiful day!

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