Create a cute Saint Nicolas Day shoe with our FREE printable!  Saint Nicolas Day takes place each year on December 6th.  Especially in France, it is a tradition for children to put their shoes by the door on the evening of December 5th and to wake on December 6th to find a treat that Saint Nicolas brought.

Saint Nicolas Day French Shoe
Saint Nicolas Day French Shoe
Saint Nicolas Day French Shoe

This paper shoes has lines from the traditional French song, “Venez, venez, Saint Nicolas.”  “Venez, venez, Saint Nicolas” means “Come, come, Saint Nicholas.”  “Je serai toujours sage…” means “I’ll always be good…”  The back of the shoes says “Mon soulier” (my shoe), and has a space for the child to write his or her name.  

Though using a real shoe might be more traditional, it’s fun to make these paper shoes.  Paper shoes are especially helpful in a classroom setting so that the children don’t have to take off their real shoes.  Once the shoe is made, it can be filled with a treat… we like to use chocolate coins.

Saint Nicolas Day French Shoe

This sweet little song has become a joyful part of the Advent traditions in our home… we think you might like it too!  The images in the video help to illustrate the meaning of the words.

To add to your Saint Nicolas Day festivities, we love the book Saint Nicholas: The Story of the real Santa Claus, as well as the CCC animated movie about the life of Saint Nicholas.  Last year we added the French book, Je peux t’aider, Saint Nicolas? (Can I help you, Saint Nicolas?) to our collection. (Click on the images below to find our more about these Saint Nicholas stories.)

Ready to make your shoe?  Simply click on the image of the shoe cut-out to get the FREE download.  Directions to make the shoe are on the printable.  All you need is paper, colored pencils, scissors, glue, and ribbon (optional).

Joyeuse Fête de Saint Nicolas!

Looking for another way to get ready for Christmas and learn French?

Try our French Advent Calendar!

Simply download and print at home instantly.


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